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You can now bet on eSports on BC.GAME!

One of the great things about esports or sports betting, in general, is that you don’t need to be a fan to participate in the entertainment and excitement that it offers. It’s natural that people are either curious or would want to partake in some of the biggest sporting events worldwide, regardless if they are fans or not. 

Some simply just tune in for the high-budget preparations, root for their national representatives, or even bring home some sizable cash for their wagers. Sports in and of itself is a unifying activity that brings people together, and the online space only expands this reach by making one of the biggest and most significant followings foreign to any other industry. 

This year, there are several massive events in the sports betting calendar to look out for, such as the NBA, NFL, and FIFA. However, the complication is that most sportsbooks aren’t in the same areas of sporting events, limiting their access. 

Fortunately, the United States government has altered its laws to allow sports betting legally on both collegiate and professional events. Not only does this decision further the industry’s reach, but it also broadens the market capital and the player base. Now, people can bet on their favorite sports games or eSports if they prefer. 

The Internet is currently stacked with options for online betting, and this can be confusing for someone who might just be trying to get started with eSports gambling. Before anything else, players would want to entrust their money and personal information to a platform that has top-tier security and a fairly functional interface. 

eSports Betting at BC.GAME 

eSports enjoyers will be delighted to know that BC.GAME has just expanded its platform, adding a whole new sports section to its website – including a comprehensive catalog of eSports to partake in. This includes some of the most popular eSports games such as Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Besides this, the largest competitive tournaments worldwide are also in play at the site, including upcoming matches for NBA 2K, FIFA, or Rocket League. 

It’s worth noting that while other cryptocurrency gambling sites only specialize in eSPorts betting, others have merged sports and eSports in a single betting category. This is the route that BC.GAME decided to take, lumping in both types of sports together. Even so, the functional interface makes it so easy to breeze through the site, especially since you can find whatever you’re looking for within just a few clicks. 

Live Streaming for eSports 

BC.GAME also enables live streaming for some of the most-anticipated eSports matches. This also goes on par with the on-the-spot esports markets and odds, though it may not be directly noticeable if you click on a live game directly. The live preview window has a tendency to hide the platform chat or your bet slip, so you need to manually select it for it to enter theater mode. 

The streams embedded in the platform are directly linked from Twitch with clear sounds and no delays whatsoever. Matches also progress continuously, plus the markets open and close regularly without freezing now and then. BC.GAME offers a great complement of having real-time betting markets in the same window you’re gambling prematch. 

Competitive Odds in Betting

Most eSports betting platforms are only just as good as the odds they offer. In BC.GAME, the odds are just as competitive as other websites. This is irrespective of whether you’re rooting for the underdogs or backing the favorites to win the competition. The are also combo boosts incorporated into the odds, especially if you play between 4 and 10 options within accumulators that have x1.4 odds or even higher. You can also get as much of an increase by x1.5 on your total payout if you opt for ten selections with odds starting from 1.4x or even higher. 

BC.GAME Security and Customer Service 

Betting for your eSports games on the platform has also been made easier by the platform’s overall easy-to-access interface. When things go wrong, you can easily get in touch with the customer support team that can readily address your concerns at any time of the day. You can do this via Live Chat which you can access from your account widget, from which a small window will appear on the lower right part of your screen. Either way, you can always air out your queries in the public chat where other users in the eSports community can help you out.

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eSports on BC.GAME

One of the great things about esports or sports betting, in general, is that you don’t need to be a fan to participate in the entertainment and excitement that it offers

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